Heating cables, heating tapes and heating hoses

Heating cables and heating tapes are suitable for the heating of pipelines, guttering, floor heating systems and containers.

Heating cables

Equipped with PTFE, FEP, silicone or mineral insulation and, depending on the application, coated with copper, stainless steel or plastic


  • Working temperature -40°C to +800°C
  • Output up to max. 600W/m possible
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Self-regulating temperature possible
  • IP protection if required
  • UL standard on request

Heating tapes

The glass fibre fabric serves as a carrier for the heating elements, which, depending on the application, are PTFE or glass fibre insulated.


  • Working temperature up to 800°C
  • Output max. 350W/m
  • Flexible winding
  • Customer-specific solutions and lengths

Heating hoses (also Ex-versions)

Heated flexible hose lines can be used as transport elements whenever media has to be transported from one system to another and the lines are not to be laid rigidly.


  • Use: Keeping the temperature of the medium constant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Pressure and pulse resistance up to 600 bar
  • Temperature resistant -70°C to +260°C
  • Nominal widths 1-100 mm
  • Production lengths up to 100m


  • Frost protection for gas containers
  • Chemical industry and food industry
  • Self-regulating frost protection
  • High temperature transport line

Our Services

  • We manufacture both individual pieces as well as series parts on state of the art production systems.
  • Many years of experience in design and performance calculation
  • Installation by the Backer ELC assembly team
  • On-site technical consulting
  • Our team of competent technicians supports you in developing the optimum solution for your specific project.
  • Service and maintenance


Evelyn Beck

Head of Group Products & Trace Heating
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We are specialists in the development and production of precision heating rods for hot runner systems and in tools. Our product solutions are used to produce high-quality plastic parts with injection moulding. Reliability, long service life and high economic efficiency are the hallmarks of our products.