Round heating rods R6 and R8

Highly compressed round heating rods manufactured according to Backer ELC processes from high-alloy stainless steels in A-class quality. Available in straight and curved design with various connection types. Round heating rods can be optimally adapted to the given installation conditions.


  • High operational reliability and service life thanks to a consistently homogeneous insulation made of the purest magnesium oxide in A-class
  • High-quality tube shell qualities with highly compressed insulation material for even the harshest operating conditions
  • Tube shell temperatures up to 850°C
  • Tightest bending radii possible
  • Profiles R6 and R8, diameter 6.5 and 8.2 mm
  • Manufactured lengths: R6 to 4.2 m R8 to 6.4 m
  • High specific surface performance
  • SEV certified (EN 60335-1 CENELEC)


Starting product for many heating applications. The Backer ELC tubular heaters can be used universally in all industries.

  • Mould engineering (customer-specific curved tubular heating elements, tool heaters)
  • Gastro industry (deep fryer heating, coffee machine heating, process heating)
  • Mechanical engineering (tool heating, tempering units)
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry (screw-in hearters, flange heaters for process and heating water)
  • Chemical industry (electroplating bath heating, process heating, heater battery)
  • Rail industry (trams, rail heating systems, carriage heating systems)
  • Construction industry (asphalt mixing systems, frost protection, process heating, tank heating)
  • Textile industry (yarn steaming systems, process heating)
  • Automotive industry (tool heating)
  • Plastics industry (tool heating, process heating)
  • Die casting industry (crucible heaters)
  • Disposal and recycling industry (electric band heaters, process heaters, tank heaters)

Our services

  • We manufacture both individual pieces and series on state-of-the-art production facilities
  • Many years of expert knowledge in the construction, performance calculation, design, manufacture and integration of round heating rods
  • Technical advice on site
  • Our team of competent technicians will support you in developing the optimal solution for your specific project


Stefan Fehlmann

Sales back office / technology
+41 62 837 62 84

Daniele Avila

Sales field service
+41 62 837 62 86


We specialize in the development and manufacture of precision round heating rods in the diameter dimensions R6 & R8. Our heating rods are characterized by a long service life and operational reliability, thanks to a consistently homogeneous, highly compressed insulation made of the purest magnesium oxide. With our R6 & R8 product solutions, we supply all branches of industry in Switzerland, in neighboring countries and overseas.

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