Heating plates


  • Output 230V / 1800W, other outputs on request
  • Heating plate in 200 x 315 mm, other dimensions on request
  • Can be used at temperatures up to 300°C in continuous operation and limitation at 350°C
  • Electronic PID regulator with a regulation accuracy of +/-1°C
  • The surface of the heatable plate is available in aluminium (standard) or stainless steel
  • Incl. cable and plug type 12 or EU compatible plug systems
  • Designed for mobile deployment


The heating plates are suitable for various heating processes and have a high-quality, heated surface.

  • Laboratories and chemistry
  • Medical industry
  • Food industry
  • Gastro industry
  • Watchmaking industry
  • Workshops

Our services

  • We manufacture both individual pieces as well as series parts on state of the art production systems.
  • On-site technical consulting
  • Our team of competent technicians supports you in developing the optimum solution for your application.


Bernhard Schaad

Internal Sales / Technology
+41 62 837 62 97

Daniele Avila

Sales, field service
+41 62 837 62 86


We are specialists in the development and production of precision heating rods for hot runner systems and in tools. Our product solutions are used to produce high-quality plastic parts with injection moulding. Reliability, long service life and high economic efficiency are the hallmarks of our products.

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