EX heating solutions


Heating and monitoring of static and flowing, highly explosive liquids, dusts and gases and spaces.

  • All temperature classes T1-T6
  • Approval and certification in accordance with international standards
  • National approval for the customs union (TR-CU), India (CCOE) and other countries


  • Heating flammable media
  • Heating of potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paint and lacquer industry
  • Energy supply companies
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Gas / oil industry
  • Heating of liquids
  • Dust-Ex
  • Special solutions
  • Offshore drilling platforms and facilities
  • Industrial gases LNG, LPG
  • Electric motors, mechanical and plant engineering
  • Casting technology, lacquer and paint industry

Our Services

  • Manufacturing of both individual pieces as well as series parts on state of the art production systems
  • Many years of expert knowledge in technical design, performance calculation of explosion-proof heating solutions
  • On-site technical consulting
  • Our team of competent technicians supports you in developing the optimum solution for your specific project.
  • Service, maintenance and commissioning of our own explosion protection heating solutions


Evelyn Beck

Head of Group Products & Trace Heating
+41 62 837 62 93


We are specialists in the development and production of precision heating rods for hot runner systems and in tools. Our product solutions are used to produce high-quality plastic parts with injection moulding. Reliability, long service life and high economic efficiency are the hallmarks of our products.