Tool heaters


  • Heating of application-specific hot runners
  • Highly complex curved shapes with tight radii
  • Precise customer-specific output distribution
  • Non-heated and partially heated zones possible
  • Individual configurations of the connection areas possible
  • Different installation variants depending on customer specifications (press-fitting, casting with heat-conductive paste or cement, Cu profile)


  • Plastics industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Machinery industry

Our services

  • We manufacture both individual pieces as well as series parts on state of the art production systems
  • High professional expertise in the field of tool heating and applied bending technology
  • On-site technical consulting
  • Our team of competent technicians supports you in developing the optimum solution for your specific project


Nicole Fischer

Sales Representative / Tool Heating Systems
+41 62 837 62 95


We are specialists in the development and production of precision heating rods for hot runner systems and in tools. Our product solutions are used to produce high-quality plastic parts with injection moulding. Reliability, long service life and high economic efficiency are the hallmarks of our products.